From Axapta to Dynamics 365 Support

We offer Support & Maintenance for Your Dynamics AX / Axapta Investment

With all the buzz about Dynamics 365 and cloud ERP it can be hard for some to imagine any company wanting to stick with older versions of AX–not for Clients First. With a history of working with this business solution from version Axapta 1.0 in 1998 to now, we know there are still benefits to staying on your current version that the new comer cloud just can’t beat.  Our long history with AX gives you the experienced consulting needed to feel confident with the continued development and support of the older AX version.  If your business needs support and/or development in using Axapta, Dynamics AX or Dynamics 365 for Operations our team offers technical mentoring, development, help desk support, training and a project plan for an upgrade when you are ready to make the move. From Axapta to AX 2012, we’ve done it all and can share our expertise with your business.

What Version Can We Help You With?

Partner with Experience for On Going Success

If you are a company that prefers to be practical when evaluating the possibility of an upgrade to the latest software release, then you are a customer we would like to work with. Our AX customer and consulting base ranges from the following solutions:

Axapta 3.0 / 4.0

Yes, Clients First can support this version and even develop custom enhancements or mobile applications. Microsoft extended support ended for Axapta 4.0 on 10/11/16.

Dynamics AX 2009

Clients First supports several customers utilizing AX 2009 which include custom development. This release has Microsoft extended support until 10/12/21.

Applications by Clients First for AX 2009 release:
• ProMRO for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Industry (X++, Morph X)
• UPick (mobile application) for high volume shipping app for manufacturers with 10 or more truckloads requiring pick and ship per day

Dynamics AX 2012

Clients First has many customers utilizing this release up to Release 3 and the latest updates which has 2016/2017 (CU12) features and functions for on premise installations. With the updated features, Microsoft really could have renamed the recent releases to Dynamics AX 2016 or Dynamics AX 2017. Clients First is still actively installing and supporting this release. Extended support by Microsoft for this release has been set to end 1/10/23, however historically these dates are usually extended further down the line.

Applications by Clients First for Dynamics AX 2012
• ProMRO for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Industry (X++, Morph X)
• Sales Route Planning (mobile application) Increase customer visibility for manufacture direct sales
• Upick (mobile application) High volume shipping app for manufacturers with 10 or more truckloads requiring pick and ship per day

Dynamics 365 for Operations

This is the cloud/SaaS version of AX was released 11/1/16 a hybrid version available if you want more privacy and security. Clients First supports Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations or the Enterprise cloud version of Dynamics AX. We are in the process of writing the applications we have for AX 2012 (above) for Dynamics 365 for Operations. We can also customize applications based on your company’s needs.  We have a long history of very successful AX development.

Clients First Welcomes Your Business

Regardless of what version your business is using: AX / Axapta / Dynamics AX (DAX); Clients First is a partner with experience in supporting and developing for Axapta 1.0 release in 1998, Axapta 3.0 / 4.0., Dynamics AX 2009, 2012, and now Dynamics 365 Enterprise for Operations.

There’s a few main reasons why some companies don’t want to upgrade AX:


“It’s Not Necessary Right Now”

Every company cannot upgrade when their software vendor wants them to.  In most cases, it is just not practical to complete an upgrade with every software new release or even every one or two years. Upgrades should not be driven by a software publishers marketing team. Upgrades should be driven by business requirements. Obviously, if your company’s software isn’t keeping accurate records, doesn’t function properly, or simply can’t meet the demands of your company then it’s probably time to upgrade. Unless your company has had a major boost in customer interaction/sales.

If there is not a compelling business reason to complete an upgrade then why spend the money, time and labor?

Another part of this concern is that upgrading is not always in the budget and your company may decide it’s best to wait until your current solutions meets its end before investing in a new one.


“Moving to the Cloud is Too Risky”

Of course, all ERP implementations pose some level of risk, but cloud computing simply isn’t for every company. For example, this is especially true for companies that have a lot of Senior level employees that may prefer to their normal way of doing things. This can make an upgrade undesirable because there is no point in getting a new software that no one would use or even care to learn how to operate, posing a greater risk for upgrading. Chance are that they already have a good know how about their job and your current software isn’t broken why fix it.

Moreover, some business owners still don’t trust the cloud’s privacy and security measures. Although cloud ERP vendors have made various efforts to try to calm those fears with added security features, some businesses would rather stay in familiar territory that there is no doubt of its security and privacy abilities. Not to mention that not all cloud service providers give you your data in a workable format if you decide to go to a different one.


“We’re Happy With What We Got”

AX has always been a leading ERP solution so no matter what version you have you’re getting quality. With that in mind, it’s no surprise if your company has decided to commit to a later version that works for you with minimal concerning problems. If only all companies could be as happy with there ERP software as yours, you lucky dog.

If can identify with any of these reasons and don’t have a vendor that supports your solution or tries to pressure you into an upgrade you don’t want, Clients First is the kind of vendor you need. We have had a long history implementing Dynamics AX with our first Axapta implementation being shortly after its release in 1999 with RAM Aircraft, who is still a client today. To learn more about how we can accommodate your business needs call us at 800-331-8382 or email us at